Ignacio Torres Masdeu

MacOS: So long - The reasons

Well, it’s funny that exactly six months ago I was talking about how MacOS was getting into my nerves.

This weekend I achieved to install Ubuntu Dapper into my laptop. The reason for the switch was because after a software update MacOS didn’t want to start, and I thought “if I have to tinker with an OS, I better do it with one that makes me free”.

This was possible even though the CD drive doesn’t work. My issues with Apple Support did end up badly, the reason being there was no track of my AppleCare contract in Apple. It’s funny, for a few months before there was no issue about with a hard drive replacement. After sending the AppleCare documentation several times to Ireland I surrended and thought that buying a replacement on eBay would be cheaper in the long run. This experience didn’t improve my feelings about Apple.

It’s funny also that today I saw John Gruber’s article about Mark Pilgrim’s switch out of MacOS and how Tim Bray is following him. There’s more than one geek who feels that something’s rotten in Apple. The last post by Pilgrim depicts my experience with Mail.app word by word. Thanks $DEITY I am using IMAP now.

Now it’s a matter of time for me to get everything I have on the iMac into DVDs, and test if it plays ball with Ubuntu too.