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2020 wk.50: Tailscale I choose you

A few days ago I decided to try Tailscale and I’m not looking back. It’s been a long time since I had an experience this good with something which usually is as cumbersome as VPN management. Setting it up is really simple, there’s an app for your preferred platform, in Ubuntu you can install it with an Ansible playbook like this one: - name: add tailscale apt-key ansible.builtin.apt_key: url: https://pkgs.tailscale.com/stable/ubuntu/focal.gpg - name: add tailscale repository ansible.

2020 wk.38: Iroha

I have started practicing Japanese again using Duolingo and some other resources. Reading about katakana I discovered that there are two systems of ordering it: the modern gojūon and the old-fashioned iroha. The interesting bit is that Iroha is a poem famous for being a perfect pangram and containts each letter of the Japanese syllabary. It is still quite present in daily life to the point that イロハ is comparable to the English expression “the ABCs”.

2018 wk.30: Holiday

It’s the first time in eleven years I enjoy a complete holiday: work holiday. all the kids are in their summer camps. What’s a geek to do? Deploy Triton at home. Provision a Chef server and setup a bunch of recipes to provision VMs with services like unbound or syncthing. Decide that he is fed up with nginx and create a recipe to provision good old Apache. Try out Hugo and decide that the effort to migrate from Jekyll is worth it.