Ignacio Torres Masdeu

2020 wk.50: Tailscale I choose you

A few days ago I decided to try Tailscale and I’m not looking back. It’s been a long time since I had an experience this good with something which usually is as cumbersome as VPN management. Setting it up is really simple, there’s an app for your preferred platform, in Ubuntu you can install it with an Ansible playbook like this one: - name: add tailscale apt-key ansible.builtin.apt_key: url: https://pkgs.tailscale.com/stable/ubuntu/focal.gpg - name: add tailscale repository ansible.

2020 wk.38: Iroha

I have started practicing Japanese again using Duolingo and some other resources. Reading about katakana I discovered that there are two systems of ordering it: the modern gojÅ«on and the old-fashioned iroha. The interesting bit is that Iroha is a poem famous for being a perfect pangram and containts each letter of the Japanese syllabary. It is still quite present in daily life to the point that イロハ is comparable to the English expression “the ABCs”.

2018 wk.30: Holiday

It’s the first time in eleven years I enjoy a complete holiday: work holiday. all the kids are in their summer camps. What’s a geek to do? Deploy Triton at home. Provision a Chef server and setup a bunch of recipes to provision VMs with services like unbound or syncthing. Decide that he is fed up with nginx and create a recipe to provision good old Apache. Try out Hugo and decide that the effort to migrate from Jekyll is worth it.

2018 wk.29: docker run certbot/dns-digitalocean

I’m in the middle of migrating my home services from docker on NixOS to a private Joyent Triton deployment. While doing this my certificates expired. A few years ago I settled on using Google’s acme client, but it has not been updated to Let’s Encrypt v2 API. So I looked back on certbot and, to my surprise, it has two great additions: Certbot Docker images (yes, it is that long since I last checked certbot) DNS plugins to automate DNS management tl;dr, this is how you use the certbot-dns-digitalocean plugin from docker to obtain a wildcard certificate.

2018 wk.3: Two weeks in San Francisco

I have been in San Francisco for two weeks now and today I flight back home. I am really looking forward to spend time with Jan, Nil and Pau. I finally went to the DNA Lounge the same night I arrived, on January 6, and Bootie was really fun. But at 10:30PM I was on my own and quite tired after more than 24h of travel so I went back to the apartment.

2017 wk.44: Thirteen years

Thirteen years ago I moved to Catalonia. Since then and in no particular order I: met Sara, became a parent of three kids, ran over a series of jobs and professional projects, moved two times inside Barcelona and a last one to Sallent, learnt Catalan, improved my English a lot, started telecommuting, founded guifibages, a non profit internet provider over Guifi, and started cooperating with local far-left collectives. Among many other things.

2017 wk.23: Silicon Valley or bust

If everything goes according to plan I will be in Silicon Valley from June 14th to June 26th. I will definitely visit: The DNA Lounge (probably on June 16): The club jwz bought and refurbished after leaving Netscape and Mozilla. The Ames Research Center. Other ideas will be well received.

2017 wk.19: The experiment log

In the early 00s I stumbled onto The Experiment Log, a hilarious series of four articles described by the author as: the various experiments that several college students (myself included) tried out of simple curiosity and, more often, sheer boredom. I hope that you find this stuff funny… but I also hope that you don’t do it yourself. I have the feeling that we were just lucky that we didn’t royally toast ourselves, or burn down our poor dorm room that we repeatedly bar-b-qued on a nightly basis, but then that’s just my opinion.

2017 wk.19: Web excursions

Bullet Journal The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less. Alistair Johnston Derek Sivers now page Most websites have a link that says “about”. It goes to a page that tells you something about the background of this person or business.

2017 wk.13: Falcon Codes

So I was speaking with a friend and she finished the conversation saying over and out. And as any sensible person would do I immediately visited the Voice Procedure Wikipedia page to check other words, among which I noticed one I didn’t know previously: Falcon: prefix followed by a (usually three-digit) code number for an Army creole phrase. In the computer industry we are used to army slang like FUBAR, SNAFU or BOHICA.

2016 wk.47: Computer Modern

Tuesday night while reading the original Nix paper I thought the typesetting was beautiful and how nice my Emacs experience would be with the monospaced font of the code listings. And then I realized those papers were surely typesetted with LaTeX and remembered that Knuth made original typefaces for TeX. A quick search and… Hello Computer Modern. Aren’t you gorgeous? As in this side of the Atlantic we have the finicky custom of writing with non-ascii characters I looked for a unicode variant of the fonts and found it in the cm-unicode project.

2016 wk.47: And back to NixOS

After two months using FreeBSD (TrueOS) exclusively it was apparent that I would rather live with systemd and even btrfs than lose the benefits of using NixOS. My natural preference would be Guix instead but right now I’m unable to be 100% productive with it due to lack of some packages, services and filesystems. So I have been running NixOS again and took a chance with btrfs. And though all my bits are still there its functionality was not interesting over ZFS so I will come back to a ZFS NixOS setup for my next laptop.

2016 wk.35: Back to FreeBSD

13 Fructidor an 224 de la Révolution So long, GNU/Linux After running NixOS and Guix on my laptop for the most part of a year I decided to leave those behind and go back to FreeBSD. I really liked the concept of a purely functional distribution but I really don’t like the path Linux is going. I have no problems with launchd or SMF but systemd is neither. The fact that development of systemd started while SMF and launchd already existed is a clear signal of NIH syndrome.

2016 wk.30: new tools: WeeChat and Conkeror

13 Thermidor an 224 de la Révolution WeeChat I have started using WeeChat. What finally moved me to do it was the combination of weechat.el and wee-slack. With them I can chat on slack from Emacs. Add to that the weechat-android and a bit of bitlbee and I have the perfect unified messaging system which I can use from my desktop and from my mobile sharing state between them. So I think I will be seen on IRC again.

2016 wk.08: hello gopher

10 Ventôse an 224 de la Révolution Yesterday I read a tweet by Charles Stross: The MetaFilter gopher server is back after 15 years of downtime!!! gopher://gopher.metafilter.com But I did remember that Gopher support had been dropped in Firefox 4.0 so I looked for a client. I knew that sdfeu actively supports Gopher so I headed there to do a quick check. And I should not have got into that rodent hole for in three minutes I had already found an Emacs mode to browse Gopher.

2016 wk.07: mu4e: mail user agent for emacs

30 Pluviôse an 224 de la Révolution One of the first things I read about Emacs was that to be proficient in it it was good to move an important part of your daily routine into it and email was suggested. So a year ago I tried out Gnus with not very good results. Some time later I found out about not much and I instantly loved its website witty remarks but there was something in the client behaviour and configuration that didn’t cut it for me.

2016 wk.03: selfhosted

Desktop I’ve been using a Thinkpad with Ubuntu since last summer. It’s great. Cloud I’m using ampache, wallabag and tt-rss in my homeserver to handle my media needs and scrobbling to my libre.fm profile. Mobile The mobile needs are handled by a Sailfish OS powered Jolla smartphone. I still need to get used to its UX. Some things are really neat (I surprise myself trying to slide on my Android phone) but others are completely contraintuitive.

2015 wk.45: Emacs talk at sudoers bcn - Coders at Work

Today I did a presentation in the November suders meetup explaining why I switched to Emacs earlier this year. I used an orgfile as a base and walked through it, doing demonstrations of different Emacs functionalities as org-mode, tramp, shells, magit, projectile and use-package. In that orgfile there’s this excerpt: Intermission: motivation to check emacs for the nth time One of the reasons I grew curious about Emacs again in the last years was due to Brad Fitzpatrick’s mention on Coders at Work.

2015 wk.44: coming down to earth

Since a few weeks ago I stopped serving the website from AWS and started serving it from home. For that it is quite handy being a member of a free (as in freedom) network that supplies his associates with a static IPv4 address and a /48 IPv6 prefix. Right now it’s being served from a SmartOS zone but I am already thinking of migrating the new server to FreeBSD. This is only a small step of my declouding process.

2015 wk.12: aws playground

Fastmail is quite nice and more than enough for my minimum needs concerning website hosting. But the lack of https support on custom domains bugs me since I embraced “private by default”. Hence, as my personal domains are my means of testing new stuff, I decided this was a good moment to test out how AWS could cater this basic need. Free tier, here I come. Scenario As this is a Jekyll static site syncing the _site directory to an S3 bucket seems a great option.

2015 wk.10: emacs

I tried emacs for the first time 20 years ago. Since then I’ve tried to use it several times to no avail until 15 days ago something clicked. After 15 days I feel more productive with it than I felt with vim for the best part of my life. In fact for some tasks I am more productive with emacs than with vim some weeks ago. Some features that made me say “wow”:

2015 wk.03: tidbits

I’ve been using acme(1) through plan9port for a few weeks and I’m enjoying it. I worked for a couple of months in november and december as a backend python developer in an interesting project with interesting people. I am back to my origins and joined Stradivarius as a Frontend Developer last Monday. You should be reading this through https. After using Ubuntu 14.04LTS on the Macbook Air for a couple of months I am back to OS X 10.

2014 wk.51: Adéu senyor Barril

A la república tot està per fer i tot és possible. Una ràdio tranquil·la que volem que compleixi uns pressupòsits clars: La ràdio pública és dels oients, no dels poders que la subvencionen. No som professionals, només som ciutadans. Creiem en la veu però sobretot en la paraula. Confiem en la ràdio com ho fem en un llapis i un paper: eines per comunicar, per dubtar i per coneixe’ns una mica millor.

2014 wk.37: musings

First days with an Asus T100 My mother in law has this frankenlaptop. The keyboard is flaky, the included Windows 8.1 is awful and the position of buttons and ports is erratic to say the least. I will reinstall it with Ubuntu 14.10 in the following weeks. The out of fabric experience can be summed up by Bertie’s description of Aunt Agatha. On Dropbox, Google Drive and Onedrive pricing $9.99 per 1TB is lower than Glacier’s price without its usage limitations.

2014 wk.02: Favourite articles

You know Tim Bray, don’t you? His take on development languages in 2014. TL;DR: We’re screwed in the client side. Steven Levy at his best: “How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet”. A great summary of every leak (to date) and its political and economic significance. Another googler, Brett Slatkin, advocates to have a dialectic instead of a debate when techs and product managers discuss anything. It’s common sense, but it’s also quite easy to end in the wrong side of it without noticing.

Microsoft surprise: more open than the alternatives

For two weeks I’ve been using an “old” Nokia Lumia 800 I had forgotten about. I got the Lumia in January 2012, tried it and put it in a drawer with a “meh” sensation. A couple of weeks ago I got fed up with the slugginess of my iPhone 4 and started looking for an alternative. Android did not cut it for its performance on my Nexus 7 is far from being brilliant.

bash oneliner: generate timestamps for this year

To add partitions to some hive tables I need the YYYYmmdd timestamp of every day from today until the end of the year. for i in $(seq 0 $(( $(date -d $(date +%Y)-12-31 +%j) - $( date +%j) )) ); do date +%Y%m%d -d "+$i day"; done

launchd: the best thing since sliced bread

I am developing a home utility to index and backup my files (ook!) and while searching for an alternative to inotify I found an StackOverflow question aptly named “Is there a command like “watch” or “inotifywait” on the Mac?” that sums it up. The thing is that it doesn’t stop there. I always dreaded launchd and questioned Apple’s decision to use it instead of a System V init process. But god, it can replace not only init but also cron and inotify.

Why RouterOS is crap: SSH server implementation

RFC 4344 (2006): 6.2. Encryption Method Considerations Researchers have shown that the original CBC-based encryption methods in [RFC4253] are vulnerable to chosen-plaintext privacy attacks [DAI,BKN1,BKN2]. The new stateful-decryption counter mode encryption methods described in Section 4 of this document were designed to be secure replacements to the original encryption methods described in [RFC4253]. You guessed it, RouterOS only supports CBC-based encryption methods. To wit: 3des-cbc aes128-cbc aes192-cbc aes256-cbc blowfish-cbc Not a big issue unless you are using an SSH library that follows RFC4344 like the one in Go.

Baltasar Garzón

You probably have read something about spanish super-judge Baltasar Garzón. A hero for the victims of dictatorships, he tried to extradite Augusto Pinochet in 1998 to put him on trial for several crimes against humanity like genocide, conspiracy to murder, kidnapping, hostage taking and torture. Last year it was him the one put on trial over accusations of abusing power in a case related with bribery and corruption in the Spanish Government.

Genetic lottery

Or for that matter, do you really think we enjoy hearing about your brand new million-dollar home when we can barely afford to eat Kraft Dinner sandwiches in our own grimy little shoe boxes and we’re pushing thirty? A home you won in a genetic lottery, I might add, sheerly by dint of your having been born at the right time in history? You’d last about ten minutes if you were my age these days, Martin.

Moving to Github Pages

I am moving my site to Github Pages. Until now I was serving it from my virtual server at Textdrive, but for a static site living on a Github repository it makes no sense. Also, with this I can edit my site from prose.io, which makes it even more convenient.

X Fortunes

I have never seen anything fill up a vacuum so fast and still suck. – Rob Pike, on X. Steve Jobs said two years ago that X is brain-damaged and it will be gone in two years. He was half right. – Dennis Ritchie Dennis Ritchie is twice as bright as Steve Jobs, and only half wrong. – Jim Gettys

Another year, another attempt at blogging

This time I’ll follow the steps I found in a blog post aptly named Static blogging the Jekyll way. Jekyll has several features I dig: It’s a static site generator. It’s backed on plain text files and I can choose to write textile, markdown, you name it. Hence, I can use vim to edit my posts and keep them in git. The YAML Front Matter is neat. I’m in the process of importing my old entries conveniently curated.


DTA: Don’t trust anyone. Not even yourself. Closely related to Freedom 0. I am making periodic backups of my data in Google Services thanks to the great work made by the Data Liberation Front. Did you backup your digital life today? It’s a €100 (2 x €50 hard drives, onsite and offsite respectively. Enough for pictures and misc data) yearly investment that pays off in the long run. If you have tons of video.

Publicando artículos por correo

Me gusta mucho Posterous como concepto. Sin embargo se por experiencia que los servicios online de weblogs no me suelen ir bien a medio plazo. El principal factor que me echa para atrás es no controlar las URLs. Mis URLs son mías. Me planteé poner un reverse proxy delante de posterous pero al final resulta más facil recibir los correos. El artículo Receiving Mail de la documentación de Google AppEngine explica paso a paso como hacerlo.

Que viene el replicante

Bueno, la llegada del Nexus One es inminente de la mano de Vodafone (este enlace caducará en cuatro días, pero qué le vamos a hacer). Aparte de contar con el terminal Android estrella de 2010 podemos aventurar que al mismo tiempo se activará el acceso a Google Maps Navigation en España, igual que pasó en Reino Unido. Mientras, sigo en la duda de ir por el camino abierto (Android) o tirar hacia una experiencia de usuario libre de problemas y unos acabados casi perfectos (Apple).

Meet Pau

After three days of labour, Pau was born around 19:30 today. Sharing all the process with Sara for the last months has been one the most intense experiences in my life. I recommend to consider natural childbirth to everyone.

App Engine timezone woes

After dealing with timezone support in Google App Engine (GAE) I have the content engine in a state I feel comfy enough to start writing entries with it. I imported all my past entries and noticed that they were recorded into the datastore without timezone information. I checked the Google App Engine documentation and found that it was my fault for not converting them to UTC. I then decided to have all my timestamps to be UTC so I tried converting them using “astimezone”.

Razones para elegir webOS

Llevo un par de días leyendo sobre la Palm Pre y poco a poco aparecen cosas interesantes. Una buena parte son resultado de que webOS descanse sobre Linux, pero se nota que Palm ha buscado que el resultado sea una plataforma muy abierta: Es un sistema GNU/Linux estándar y no una aberración al estilo de Android. Esto permite cosas como que el emulador del SDK sea una máquina virtual sobre VirtualBox con un par de scripts que hacen que la instalación de la VM y lanzar aplicaciones dentro de la misma sea trivial.

Estado de la movilidad

¿Alguna vez echasteis de menos el estar en un ambiente de locura informática como el que se veía en la película Juegos de Guerra? Ese ambiente de los primeros 80, con decenas de plataformas distintas, donde la gente diseñaba sus propios ordenadores. Pues sed conscientes de que 30 años más tarde estamos viviendo lo mismo, pero con la informática móvil. Hasta el pasado miércoles contábamos con seis plataformas de teléfonos inteligentes, con perfiles bastante definidos:

Viviendo en las nubes

Bueno, cambio radical a bordo. Al más puro estilo Dr. Strangelove aplico un “How I learned to stop worrying and love the cloud”. Dejo todos mis cacharreos con el motor de blog de turno, el servidor web, el desarrollo python hecho en casa y demás zarandajas atrás para poder concentrarme en programar y, mediante ello, crear contenidos. Esto es, paso la gestión del dominio a Google Apps y el blog a Blogger.


New machines means new names. For the last ten years I have used planetary missions names, hence: Server: deepspace Server: skylab Laptop: cassini Laptop: mariner Phone: voyager Phone: huygens (associated to cassini) With the arrival of an Android phone this changes. Guess the theme: Phone: marvin Server: slartibartfast Laptop: zaphod

Openmoko Log: Day 1 - Purchase

Today I received my Openmoko Freerunner. Every action should have a reason, and I will explain mine in a future entry titled 0 Day. Now let’s see how my acquisition went. I decided to buy my Freerunner on Tuxbrain due to several reasons: Sustainability Tuxbrain is located in the neighbour shire, at a mere 55km by road. Updated hardware Tuxbrain sells the Freerunner with the GSM firmware upgraded to moko11 and the hardware updated to avoid the buzz bug.

Me siguen gustando los monos

Hoy he echado un vistazo a las palabras de búsqueda que traen a la gente hasta aquí y me he encontrado con “puñetazos en los genitales”. Me ha hecho gracia, porque es de un texto que traduje hace tres años titulado Me gustan los monos y, por curiosidad, realicé la búsqueda en Google Lo curioso es que no obtengo ningún resultado que lleve hasta mi. El texto aparece en varios foros sin citar el origen y en un par de blogs personales con un enlace a la URL del artículo original en mi antiguo dominio (que redirige al actual, cool URIs don’t change).

Mencken: The most dangerous man to any government

All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior man: its one permanent object is to oppress him and cripple him. If it be aristocratic in organization, then it seeks to protect the man who is superior only in law against the man who is superior in fact; if it be democratic, then it seeks to protect the man who is inferior in every way against both. One of its primary functions is to regiment men by force, to make them as much alike as possible and as dependent upon one another as possible, to search out and combat originality among them.

Solaris SPARC network install from linux server

Ok. First we need the correct pinout for the serial port. I obtained them from Sun’s Netra T1 Server User Guide: DB25M to RJ45F Pin 1 (RTS) Pin 5 (CTS) Pin 2 (DTR) Pin 6 (DSR) Pin 3 (TXD) Pin 3 (RXD) Pin 4 (Signal Ground) Pin 7 (Signal Ground) Pin 5 (Signal Ground) Pin 7 (Signal Ground) Pin 6 (RXD) Pin 2 (TXD) Pin 7 (DSR) Pin 20 (DTR) Pin 8 (CTS) Pin 4 (RTS) DB9F to RJ45F

Novatel mc950d on linux

I tried every method I found to make it work. What finally works for me is ejecting the virtual cdrom. itorres@itorres-laptop:~$ tail -100 /var/log/messages | grep "scsi generic" Sep 29 11:10:34 itorres-laptop kernel: [ 1246.265124] sr 12:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg2 type 5 itorres@itorres-laptop:~$ sudo eject /dev/sg2 With this the /dev/ttyUSB* devices appear. Add your wvdial recipes to /etc/wvdial.conf and you’re ok to go. # /etc/wvdial.conf [Dialer Defaults] Phone = *99***1# Username = MOVISTAR Password = MOVISTAR Dial Command = ATDT Stupid Mode = 1 [Dialer pin] Modem = /dev/ttyUSB0 Init1 = AT+CPIN= 1234 [Dialer reset] Modem = /dev/ttyUSB0 Init1 = AT [Dialer movistar] Phone = *99***1# Modem = /dev/ttyUSB0 Baud = 460800 Init2 = ATZ Init3 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0 ISDN = 0 Modem Type = USB Modem Init5 =AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","movistar.

wmii battery status

A little code snippet to see the battery status in [wmii][]. Tested with Linux kernel 2.6.24. [wmii]: http://www.suckless.org/wmii/ acpi() { max=$(awk '/full capacity/ {print $4}' /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/info) cur=$(awk '/remaining capacity/ {print $3}' /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state) st=$(awk '/charging state/ {print $3}' /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state) per=$(echo "scale=2; 100/($max/$cur)" | bc) [ "$st" = "discharging" ] && echo "B:$per" || echo "C:$per" } # Status Bar Info status() { echo -n $(uptime | sed 's/.*://; s/,//g') '|' $(date) '|' $(acpi) }

Almacenamiento modesto

He encontrado un artículo sobre grandes centros de almacenamiento. Pensad en secuenciadores del genoma humano y el LHC en el CERN, instalaciones que tienen petabytes de datos. Big data: Welcome to the petacentre Me ha hecho gracia ver [este cartel][2] en el despacho del jefe de informática de secuenciación con la cita: “Oh shit, that’s 320 TB!” — Tony Cox, The Guardian, 28 February 2008 Que es lo que al hombre le salió cuando le entrevistaron para el artículo de The Guardian [Basically, DNA is a computing problem][3].

Let's play twister, let's play Xen

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. This morning I was beginning my journey in the fabulous world of Xen, among other things to enjoy 9xeninst.gz. Then I found that Plan9 is built without PAE. Easy peasy, I will install xen-hypervisor-3.0.3-1-i386 instead of xen-hypervisor-3.0.3-1-i386-pae, right? Wrong, it’s not that easy. It seems that linux-image-2.6.18-6-xen-686 is built with PAE support by default and no, there’s no linux-image-2.6.18-6-xen-686 vs linux-image-2.6.18-6-xen-686-pae like is the case with the hypervisor.

Mi cita favorita

Es la que aparece en El mundo de Sofía de Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Aquel que no sabe llevar su contabilidad Por espacio de tres mil años Se queda como un ignorante en la oscuridad Y sólo vive al día. Las veces que busqué información sobre ella la encontré como firma en cientos de forums, la gente la pega por todas partes pero nadie cita el original. Buscando y rebuscando y haciendo traducciones de un lado para otro lo encontré por fin en la versión alemana de wikiquote, pertenece a la compilación de poemas Diván de Oriente y Occidente que se puede encontrar en el proyecto Gutenberg (West-östlicher Divan):

There's something rotten in python-markdown

So after 4 days of playing with django I decide it’s time to deploy this nice website you are seeing. I check my server and see that I need to install Django and python-markdown, after a couple of python setup.py install I think I’m done, but not quite. All my entries with unicode values go into oblivion. I follow the session and get a UnicodeDecodeError. The markdown.py version in my laptop is 1.

I'm in love with Python

Snip: import os import md5 for root,dirs,files in os.walk('/home/itorres/Media/Video/test'): for file in files: fp = os.path.join(root,file) fp5 = md5.new(open(fp).read()).hexdigest() print "%s\n\t%s" % (fp,fp5,) Boom! a quick inventory of my media with md5 checksum so I can search for duplicates based on it. For simplicity’s sake I made a database and metadata free version, only the directory walk, file read, md5 hash and print it. Now, how does that look in php?

Meet Nil and Jan

They were born last thursday, November 15. We are all back home and I’m typing this while they and Sara sleep happily.


Can someone please explain this? mariner:~ itorres$ sudo port install rb-rubygems ---> Fetching perl5.8 ---> Attempting to fetch perl-5.8.8.tar.bz2 from http://www.cpan.org/src/5.0/

De tapas por Madrid

Esto es un correo que envié a una amiga que visitaba Madrid. Lo reenvié a unos cuantos amigos y tras recibir sus hurras telefónicos lo publico aquí para no tener que reenviarlo más. ¡Pesados! Creo que lo mejor que puedes hacer es ir por la Cava Baja. Es la mejor zona para tapeo y restaurantes con encanto. También encontrarás algunos bares donde tomar una copa tranquila. La Viuda de Vacas El Viajero Cava Baja Botin es una parada obligatoria para comprobar que es el restaurante más antiguo del mundo, pero la cocina no vale la pena.

Configurar el Terminal OS X en UTF-8... de verdad

Recogido de una nota de Mietek Bąk En el inspector de terminal (Command-I): En el apartado Emulación desactivar la opción Escapar los caracteres que no sean ASCII. En la sección Visualización elegir Unicode (UTF-8) como codificación de los caracteres. Añadir la siguiente linea al archivo .profile: export LC_CTYPE=es_ES.UTF-8 Añadir las siguientes líneas al archivo .inputrc: set meta-flag on set input-meta on set output-meta on set convert-meta off Los cambios se pueden aplicar mediante:

Lighttpd + DNS + external email and dns accelerator setup

Switching off the lights $ sudo svcadm disable apache2 $ sudo svcadm disable webmin Postfix Now that the room is tidy let’s configure our email (optional if you are using Google Apps for your domain). Edit /opt/csw/etc/postfix/main.cf and modify/add the following parameters: myhostname = accelerator.mydomain.net virtual_alias_domains = mydomain.net otherdomain.tld yetanotherdomain.tld Edit /opt/csw/etc/postfix/virtual and add your address maps, addresses with only @domain.tld are catch-all addresses: me@mydomain.net me@gmail.com you@domain.tld you@anotherhost.com @mydomain.tld myspammedmailbox@gmail.com Regenerate the hash table of virtual addresses and restart postfix:

McDonalds - McSpotlight

I came across a quite interesting report on the issues about McDonalds. I found it so interesting that this is my little grain of sand for a nice google position.

Volviendo a programar

Trabajar con Ruby esta siendo una gozada. Es un lenguaje casi natural que recomiendo a todo el mundo. Quien crea que ’no sirve’ para programar se dará cuenta de que puede y cualquier programador agradecerá el descanso mental que supone usarlo. Try Ruby in 15 minutes Learning Ruby, by Daniel Carrera Tagalog (tag-a-log) ya empieza a tomar forma. En dos días ya soporta plantillas (gracias al uso de ERB). Siguiente estación: publicación RSS/Atom cuando me haya leido este artículo de Tim Bray detenidamente.


Cada día tengo una pelea interior entre programar algo o hacer lo lógico, que es utilizar una aplicación existente y adaptarla a mi gusto. En ese aspecto me tienta actualmente Blosxom, que ya usé hace unos años y se ajusta a unas especificaciones que me agradan: menos de 150 líneas de código, ligero y puedo integrarle Markdown sin despeinarme. Sin embargo, dando otra vuelta de tuerca, podría empezar a usar Blogger aunque, como LiveJournal, siempre me ha dado la sensación de no controlar mis datos.

MacOS: So long - The reasons

Well, it’s funny that exactly six months ago I was talking about how MacOS was getting into my nerves. This weekend I achieved to install Ubuntu Dapper into my laptop. The reason for the switch was because after a software update MacOS didn’t want to start, and I thought “if I have to tinker with an OS, I better do it with one that makes me free”. This was possible even though the CD drive doesn’t work.

Falling in love

OK, it’s time to make it public. My relationship with my current partner has run for several years but… you know how things are. Little nuisances develope into great arguments. Those little mistakes that made it special now make you feel tired. And so on. And in the other side everything is new. There’s a whole new world to explore together. Every step feels as new. For God’s sake, even everyday words and actions acquire a new significance.

Cheat sheets

Checking Technorati for new rails content I have found a guy that likes to make cheat sheets. He has a good bunch, among them: Ruby on Rails CSS JavaScript And last, but not least: World of Warcraft

El Koala ZP

Hace un mes, en El guiñol de Canal+ hicieron varias parodias de la canción Opá de El Koala en las que Zapatero cantaba sobre la OPA de Endesa y el proceso de paz en euskadi. Y la verdad es que eran divertidas. Hoy leo en escolar.net la referencia a un argumento similar – le falta ser divertido – en una columna de Manuel Martín Ferrand. Como dice mi tocayo, cuanta tontería en qué poco sitio y, para colmo, qué poco original.

Kevin Smith y la fé

Me entero por la página de mi tocayo, para variar. Es una conferencia en la que a Kevin Smith le preguntan como le afectó su crecimiento en un ambiente católico en sus películas, especialmente Dogma. La respuesta es un sucinto “Creía que tras ver Dogma eso quedaría completamente claro. Pero ya que preguntas…” y se enrolla durante 17 minutos contando cómo creció en un ambiente católico, como se cuestionó la fe, su reconciliación con el catolicismo a través de la película y algunas anécdotas sobre el estreno de la misma.

Shell: wait and process file

This is a quick script I did this morning while waiting for a file to finish uploading. Originally it was a oneliner, but I’ve cleaned it a bit. The script can also be used to burn an image with cdrecord after it finishes downloading. It should work on bourne and derivatives (ksh, bash, etc…) #!/bin/sh if [ $# -ne 2 ] ; then echo "Usage: $0 <file> <command>" exit fi file=$1; cmd=$2 #eg, unzip, "tar -xzf", etc.

ePolicy Orchestrator SQL

…brain …hurts use ePO_SERVER99; -- select BranchNode.NodeName,ipsubnetmask.AutoID, BranchNode.ParentID,ipsubnetmask.ParentID, ipsubnetmask.IP_Start,ipsubnetmask.IP_End from ipsubnetmask join BranchNode on IPSubnetMask.ParentID = BranchNode.AutoID where BranchNode.ParentID not in ('1','2') order by IP_Start; Handy Software: osql (included with MSDE) KB #325003, #241397 Aqua Data Studio

Managing disks and devices in Solaris 8

luxadm - administration program for the Sun Enterprise Network Array (SENA), RSM, SPARCstorage Array (SSA) subsystems, and individual Fiber Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC_AL) devices. devfsadm, devfsadmd - administration command for /dev and /devices

Me gustan los monos

La tienda de animales los vendía a cinco céntimos la unidad. Pensé que era extraño, dado que normalmente cada uno cuesta un par de miles de euros. Decidí que a caballo regalado no se le miran los dientes. Compré 200. Me gustan los monos. Llevé mis 200 monos a casa. Mi coche es grande. Dejé conducir a uno. Su nombre era Sigmund. Era retrasado. De hecho, ninguno de ellos era realmente brillante.

Here's to the crazy ones

Because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. But the only thing that you can't do is ignore them.

Pavo al whisky

Ingredientes: Un pavo de tres kilos Una botella de whisky Unas tiras de panceta Aceite de oliva Sal y pimienta. Preparación: Rellenar el pavo con la panceta, atarlo, salpimentar y echarle un chorrito de aceite de oliva. Precalentar el horno a 180 grados durante 10 minutos. Servirse un vaso de whisky para hacer tiempo. Meter el pavo en el horno. Servirse otro vaso de whisky, bebérselo y mirar el horno con los ojos ligeramente extraviados.

Setting up your environment in cron

After hearing lots of people stating things like these: also of note. cron does not know your environment AT ALL. you need to provide full paths. The bigger problem is that cron doesn’t know about the user’s environment. I think this is the moment of showing a small proof of concept that those statemens are not 100% correct. Cron does not know about your environment, but you can set it up.

Carceris ruina, presagium libertatis

Carceris ruina, presagium libertatis Carceris mansio ruit cur? Tota Cathalonia praesidis est Dum renascatur libertas, universa Hispania quoque La ruïna de la presó és presagi de llibertat Per què cau la casa de la presó? Perquè Catalunya sencera és habitació de presidiaris Quan reneixi la llibertat, renaixerà també Espanya sencera La ruina de la prisión es presagio de libertad ¿Por qué cae la casa de la prisión? Porque Cataluña es habitación de presidiarios

AJAX en 30 segundos

Es lo que promete el artículo Rasmus’ 30 second AJAX Tutorial, explicado de forma más que sencilla. Si me da el aire lo traduciré. Interesante mejora para el código del que habla: if(window.XMLHttpRequest) { try { var req = new XMLHttpRequest(); } catch(e) { var req = false; } } else if (window.ActiveXObject)


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers? If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked? Round the ragged rocks, the ragged rascal ran She sells sea shells by the sea shore

Día espeso

Se ha llamado al cliente para pedirle información sobre la incidencia, nos comunica que esta información era precisa ayer. No siendo necesarias más acciones se procede al cierre de la incidencia. Eso es un parte mío, y quien no vea un eco de “la parte contratante de la primera parte” es que no tiene cultura.

Software para MacOS X

Indispensable: Quicksilver BluePhoneMenu Adium irssi VLC Disk inventory X Investigable: Textmate Ecto WindowShade X iFolder Hula Server Update 2009.02: Textmate es indispensable irssi es un monumento a la melancolía Adium es para perder el tiempo, no indispensable. BluePhoneMenu no vale la pena frente a un teléfono con navegador y wifi (iPhone, Palm, S60, Windows Mobile, lo que sea…).

Frases míticas

Nos complace comunicarles que debido a un fallo fisico de sistema hemos tenido la oportunidad de usar la funcion DISASTER RECOVERY de su software con un éxito del 50%. El DISASTER ha sido absoluto, el RECOVERY no.

A philantropic dilemma

There is a dissonance between two camps of modern liberal ideology, both of which have had a deep influence on my thinking. On the one hand there is the green ideology that advocates buying locally produced products or growing your own and the general reduction of energy usage. On the other there is the drop the debt coalition that is attempting to help the developing world drag itself up and become a richer place.

Acabo de terminar de leer

Acabo de terminar de leer Cryptonomicon de Neal Stephenson. Empecé con la versión en español (primera parte, El código Enigma) y cuando llegué a Inglaterra lo primero que hice fué comprar la versión en inglés (que no está dividida en partes). Dos palabras: la hostia. Lo que no entiendo es el por qué de algunos nombres en el libro. Entiendo que en vez de IBM hablen de Electronic Till Corporation, pero no entiendo por qué el sistema operativo inventado por finlandeses se llama Finux en vez de Linux.

Darwin's May Ball

Hoy he estado en una de esas fiestas decadentes inglesas, en este caso una ‘Garden Party’ en Corpus Christi College. Iria y yo asistiremos mañana al ‘May Ball’ de Darwin College. Y sí, es a finales de junio.

Leer, leer, leer (y II)

Acabé con The hacker ethic and the spirit of the information age y he pasado a Crypto: Secrecy and privacy in the new code war. Si alguna vez os habeis preguntado "¿qué es esa llavecita que aparece en los sitios seguros de internet?" este libro es la respuesta. Escrito como una novela histórica, lo lees de un tirón. Como ya dije son libros divulgativos, no técnicos.

Leer, leer, leer

Acabé con Rebel Code y Girlfriend in a coma. Ayer encontré The hacker ethic and the spirit of the information age, la respuesta del siglo XXI al ya clásico The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism de Max Weber, escrito que dió lugar a la forma de trabajo del siglo XX (jornadas de horario fijo, “el tiempo es dinero”, etc..). El libro aborda todo esto mediante comparaciones y una bibliografia extensa, llegando a citarse a Platón pasando por la disciplina monástica benedictina.

Lectura y más lectura

Bueno, aparte de Reaper Man, citado hace un par de dias (que por cierto, ya terminé y no tiene desperdicio) estoy leyendo un par de libros. El otro día compré Girlfriend in a coma de Douglas Coupland. Es increible, no tiene nada que ver con nada que haya leido antes de este autor. Lo malo es que a los dos días volvía a entrar en la tienda y eoncontré algo que me había pasado desapercibido: “Rebel Code”, la historia del movimiento open source de la boca de sus protagonistas.

Mi geek code

Lo he encontrado después de casi dos años sin verlo. Ahora me hace falta actualizarlo, pero aqui esta, junto a mi antigua firma. -- Ignacio Torres Masdeu <nacho@wolstudios.com> SysAdmin WolStudios <http://www.wolstudios.com> "Quiereme cuando menos lo merezca, pues sera cuando más lo necesite" -- Dr. Jeckyll "Es infinitamente más bello dejarse engañar diez veces que perder una vez la fe en la Humanidad." -- Heinz Zsokke GCS d-(--) s+:- a-- C++(++++) ULI++ P+++ L+++ E--- W+++@ N++ !

esto son RFC's

Por fin algo realmente util. Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0) Definitions of Managed Objects for Drip-Type Heated Beverage Hardware Devices using SMIv2

Canción del puercoespín

Hoy va de canto. Seguro que la zoofilia es algo divertido Pero te he de decir, para que estés advertido: Con casi todos los animales se puede hacer Pero al puercoespín jamás se le puede joder. Sus espinas son punzantes como saetas, Y siempre te las clavarás cuando se la metas. Creo que el intentarlo te va a decepcionar ¡Al puercoespín no te lo puedes follar! Montar a caballo suele ser divertido