Ignacio Torres Masdeu

Falling in love

OK, it’s time to make it public. My relationship with my current partner has run for several years but… you know how things are. Little nuisances develope into great arguments. Those little mistakes that made it special now make you feel tired. And so on.

And in the other side everything is new. There’s a whole new world to explore together. Every step feels as new. For God’s sake, even everyday words and actions acquire a new significance.

We met a couple of years ago, but in that moment I was so infatuated I wasn’t open to others. How time changes things.

Soon we will live together and I’m sure it will work. I will have to find new places to store my things, but it will be for the better.

And I will not lose contact with my current SO, I am lucky, for neither of them is jealous. Though they will have to learn to communicate between themselves for this to work.

A few days ago I rediscovered Plan9, and I’m in love.