Ignacio Torres Masdeu

2017 wk.19: The experiment log

In the early 00s I stumbled onto The Experiment Log, a hilarious series of four articles described by the author as:

the various experiments that several college students (myself included) tried out of simple curiosity and, more often, sheer boredom. I hope that you find this stuff funny… but I also hope that you don’t do it yourself. I have the feeling that we were just lucky that we didn’t royally toast ourselves, or burn down our poor dorm room that we repeatedly bar-b-qued on a nightly basis, but then that’s just my opinion. You’d be amazed what you can do with duct tape and a gallon of common, household bleach.

Today I wanted to share it with a friend and was unable to find it. By sheer luck I stumbled on a mention of it with a link in a 2003 linkroll after searching DDG for "The Experiment Log" "act of god":

Several college playing-with-fire “experiments” with details on how to recreate them. Four of the five are merely good, but number three, “The Act of God” is standout.

You might want to hold back on doing this one if you want your security deposit back when you move.


The domain is dead and for sale since 2005. But thanks to The Internet Archive Wayback Machine I’ve been able to rescue it and do a local backup.

Incidentally I found out that the culprit moved his site to icculus.org. He restored the log but got rid of it in 2013 his .plan archive is still available.

So, without further ado, I compel you to go check it. On to the Experiments!

[Propane Balloons]: /s/2017/the_experiment_log/boom.html#Experiment #1 [Radiation Testing]: /s/2017/the_experiment_log/boom.html#Experiment #2 [The Act of God]: /s/2017/the_experiment_log/boom.html#Experiment #3 [PVC Artillery]: /s/2017/the_experiment_log/boom.html#Experiment #4