Ignacio Torres Masdeu

2016 wk.07: mu4e: mail user agent for emacs

30 Pluviôse an 224 de la Révolution

One of the first things I read about Emacs was that to be proficient in it it was good to move an important part of your daily routine into it and email was suggested. So a year ago I tried out Gnus with not very good results.

Some time later I found out about not much and I instantly loved its website witty remarks but there was something in the client behaviour and configuration that didn’t cut it for me.

Then yesterday I found about mu4e, another email client that like not much was based in a Xapian index of your email with some constructs that I liked better (contexts) and plenty of tutorials.

So now I have all my email indexed in my laptop and I can search it faster than gmail. From Emacs. How cool is that?