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I'm a proud father of three living in Bages, a Catalan county, with the best partner in crime I could wish for.

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Published on 2014-09-14

First days with an Asus T100

My mother in law has this frankenlaptop. The keyboard is flaky, the included Windows 8.1 is awful and the position of buttons and ports is erratic to say the least. I will reinstall it with Ubuntu 14.10 in the following weeks.

The out of fabric experience can be summed up by Bertie's description of Aunt Agatha.

On Dropbox, Google Drive and Onedrive pricing

$9.99 per 1TB is lower than Glacier's price without its usage limitations. Time to check those SLAs. And APIs.

Life in a browser

I am writing this in the aforementioned T100.