A Glossary of Military Terminology, Jargon, and Slang
compiled and edited by Jeff Crowell

The Falcon Code Appendix

The Falcon Code

Usage: typically via voice radio, e.g. 'Falcon one one five.'


1       Sheeeeit!
10       Shit Hot!
100       If CAG saw that, he'd shit!
101       You've gotta be shitting me!
102       Get off my fucking back!
103       Beats the shit outta me
104       WTFO
105       It's so fuckin' bad, I can't believe it!
106       I hate this fuckin' place
107       This place sucks
108       Fuck you very much
109       That gawd damned SOB
110       Beautiful, just fuckin' beautiful
111       Here comes another fuckin' CAG brainstorm
112       BFD (Big Fuckin' Deal)
113       Let me talk to that SOB
114       Get your shit together!
115       You bet your sweet ass
116       Fuck it
117       I love you so much I could just shit!
118       WETSU
119       Get this aircraft out of Delta; it has more fuckin' down gripes than the USS Arizona.
120       That's a no-no
121       That gawd damned O-Club
122       You piss me off!
123       Fuck off, mate
124       FUBAR
135       Adios, Motherfucker
136       If you ask me for a low pass one more time, you're not gonna get launched for a week!
137       You may NOT have any fuckin' fuel!
139       I have a prostate over-pressure light
140       COMEX, motherfucker
141       That motherfuckin' CIC is dreaming again
142       The fuckin' helos are all fucked up.
143       It's the Air Boss's fault
202       You may not like the fuckin' staff, but the staff likes fuckin' you!
221       Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!
223       Get your head out of your ass
224       You say 'I don't know' one more time and I'm gonna shove a sonobuoy up your ass!
225       You must have shit for brains!
226       Would you like a kick in the ass to help you get airborne?
227       What does it take to get a clearance out of this fuckin' place'
228       Just fly the bus and leave the ASW to us
229       You're so fuckin' stupid, you're a menace to society
230       This bastard has more downing gripes than the USS Arizona
231       Comments and recommendations, my ass
232       Just out of curiosity, NAV, where the hell are we'
269       Excuse me, but you have obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a shit!
500       Those fuckin' carrier pukes!
600       Those fuckin' ASW pukes
641       Hang it in your ear
700       Fuckin' grunts
728       If I hear 'CV concept' one more time, I'm gonna shit
750       That fucker runs like a well-oiled machine
775       Your old lady wears Boondockers
800       I love this so much I could just shit
901       If this is such a fuckin' good deal, send Crew Two
902       If I called for shit, you'd come sliding in on a shovel
1000       Cool it, the Chaplain's here
3000       Hay for my horses, whiskey for my crew, and a plate of flies for my toad
3001       He's so light, he's a menace to aviation
3003       He hasn't had his lobotomy yet

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